Minns & Arnett Client Testimonials

Pat Cantrell is a prominent C.P.A./lawyer/author/teacher

Pat Cantrell is a prominent C.P.A./lawyer/author/teacher, with decades of trial and trial support experience.  Together, he and his wife Carol Cantrell, also a C.P.A./lawyer, lecture all over the country. https://youtu.be/HxWhisHsouI

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In 2004 the IRS ran raids in what they claimed was the largest raid in IRS history.  Three countries and numerous states.  Indictments from California, and Washington, to South Carolina, and Texas.  Of all of the people indicted only the...

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I.R.S vs. Charleen Kimball

Boutique store owner in the Houston area suffers a heart attack due to the pressures from the IRS after her CPA’s malpractice. Attorney Michael Minns fights for Charleen and a huge weight is lifted and her store is saved.

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